To save the date, or not to save the date

Many of our clients ask us if it’s essential to send save the dates or is it an unnecessary expense. This is always dependent on your particular wedding and should be judged accordingly. If you are marrying between May and October, be aware that these are the months that your guests will be booking their summer holidays and they will be booking them a year in advance or more. Winter weddings, especially around Christmas time will always be a busy time of year with people making plans and trips in advance, so be conscious of these dates too.  With many weddings taking place during the week, it’s a good idea to let people know your date as soon as possible in order for them to give notice for time from work, possible school holiday requests or childcare arrangements. It’s also a good thing to keep in mind, many of your guests will want to give a gift to help start married life as well as prepare with new outfits, maybe even organise overnight accommodation, save the dates will ensure people have a sufficient amount of time to save and arrange these things. There is also the aspect of giving your guests a sneak insight into the style and tone of what sort of wedding you are planning as they would match the rest of your stationary. Decide on making them fridge magnets and you can be assured they will remind everyone daily, of the wonderful event they can look forward to and plan for.