What are your wedding day budget priorities?

It has always fascinated me the different things that are more or less important to couples within their wedding. A priority item or must have element to each couples day differs incredibly. For example, Jimmy Choo or Louboutin shoes for the bride, a cost of anything from four hundred pounds plus, but then a high street DIY cake? In our opinion, we think it’s a good idea to focus and invest on what will make your day extra special and what will remain after the day itself. Who will actually see your Loubotin shoes under your floor length gown? Will you be able to wear them after the day? Is it a necessity to have them in your wedding photography, or realistically would a pretty, heeled, high street or wedding boutique shoe for more than half the price suffice? Would investing the money spent on the shoes into the cake or the floristry be a better idea? After all, we do want to wow our guests; we do want the pictures, which will last a lifetime to capture the best elements of the day for all to see and for you to reminisce over. The same principal goes for your wedding stationery, give your guests a little taster of your planned day with your save the dates, whet the appetite before the wow of the invitation. These are the two elements that engage your guests before the big day, this is what gets them talking about the potential ‘wedding of the century ‘. We always say the first impressions are the best impressions and to encourage people to set the tone from the start, your invitations do this. What ideas and excitement will your guests have about your wedding day when receiving a beautifully made boxed invitation made personally for them? Wedding budgets are a difficult thing to prioritise, but if thought through carefully, unnecessary expenses redirected into key areas and items of your day will make your wedding look a million dollars.