Message in a bottle

The new and very popular Message in a Bottle Invitations

The Message in a Bottle invitations are a new, very popular invitation range and are £6.47 each. Each have a number of filling options, are fully personalised with tied scrolls and make great keepsakes. The bottles are 16.5 cm’s tall and are made from high quality glass and cork and come in their individual tissue filled gift boxes.

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Message in a Bottle Guest Bottle and Miniature Bottle Favours

Message in a bottle guest bottles are an alternative to the traditional guest book. All of your guests leave a message of well wishes, good luck and memories of your day on a ribbon ended notelet, which is then tied and placed in your bottle. The bottle can then be opened on your first ‘paper’ anniversary as husband and wife, for you both to read and reminisce about your wedding day. The bottles come in different sizes to hold from as little as twenty notelets to as many as two hundred for larger weddings or events. The message in a bottle guest bottles, also work great for birthday’s, christenings and all manor of events, imagine giving your son or daughter on their eighteenth birthday, a guest bottle which was filled on their first birthday.  The bottles also come in beautiful miniature versions, ideal as favours.

The favours can be printed with a personalised thank you note from the couple, a lottery ticket, filled with sweets or any other ideas couples may come up with!

Message in a Bottle Invitations – £6.47 each

Favour bottles – £3.00 (with filling and thank you note)

Guest Bottles – £36.00 with framed instructions, £32.00 with instruction card.

If you are interested in any of the above then please contact us.